How Sweet It Is!

Ok, my stop in at Cupcake bakery on Lincoln Street in Columbia, SC had nothing to do with nutrition or good eating habits today. In my defense, me and mini me are planning a nice dinner (Ill be posting) and I wanted to surprise her with a sweet taste testing afterward. I also have a heavy heart today and some sweets works as a nice little bandaid:) A vegan vanilla cupcake, banana pudding cupcake and a pink cupcake for breast cancer awareness will do the trick! We have a long night ahead of us. Be on the lookout for a healthful recipe tonight and our big gluttonous smiles! This weekend I’ll be on the road with my toes in the sand writing away. And I am sure I will find some treats along the way to share:)


3 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is!”

  1. Those look so good and I’m so glad your girl and you enjoy every part of your lives!!

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