One Less!

Recently, I participated in research that looked at the quality of life of adult children of the foster care system. Most of the work, while fulfilling, was also equally disheartening. I mulled over distressing numbers and statistics, secretly finding where I personally fit in those numbers so long ago as a child in the system. Success and peace in my own heart has been a gift for me; one I do not take for granted.
This video, and the heart and soul behind it, inspires a positive washing over me. I feel renewed, and I see the harrowing statistics in varying lights. While it is important to value and learn about the negative, it is equally important to celebrate strength and foster care’s many heroes.

So many wake up each day, fighting to keep the nearly one million children in the system from being stuck in the system. Counselors, teachers, artists, social workers, and advocates work to heal the distorted reality a child faces when removed from their own families, abused or severely neglected. The confusion can be never-ending when a child is taken from its family at 5, and moved from family to family for many years, sometimes never adopted; sometimes back out on the street as they become adolescents. Sometimes physical, sexual abuse is recreated in foster care.

However, there are benevolent foster parents, guardian angels, who bring love to a child who had never had love or physical and emotional safety. Thousands are opening their hearts, their classrooms and their minds to the unique positive qualities that foster children possess; helping them become part of that smaller number that finds personal, emotional, and professional safety and satisfaction.

I will post several videos over the next few days. Some might be tough to watch, but they are all a personal stories of triumph. What better way to start the week than to see the beauty in overcoming tragedy!

4 thoughts on “One Less!”

  1. I really enjoy your work, and I like that your blog encompasses the joy you have in your life with your daughter, your passion for food and your obvious commitment to children. Looking forward to more. I share your posts as much as possible. Everyone here asks about your advocacy often! You should write a book.

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