Stocking Up On Moments


Life is really about moments. Sometimes when we lack moments and connections with others as children in foster care, we either keep the world at a distance or we cherish everything later as an adult. With mini me, I take the latter approach.

When no one else one earth is your blood relative, you tend to cling to the one who is… much to mini me’s chagrin as she gets older! Some days I simply sit back and watch her gestures, conjuring up images of my own gestures, seeking similarities. Other days I take mental snapshots of her uniqueness. Her ideas and features sometimes seem almost foreign to me.

Moments with mini me are far sweeter when we can unite her growing independence with our common interest…unique food fare that goes above and beyond! Here, mini me is at “Wicked Good Cupcakes.” While the founder met her claim to fame on The Shark Tank television show, her talent extends beyond the screen. These delectable cupcakes in a jar were worth braving the winter wind.  Mini me tried a wicked cupcake of vanilla buttercream and I sampled a peanut butter concoction that was quite dreamy.
These ” to-go” and ready to ship fresh cupcakes make me think that me and mini me must come up with our own fabulous culinary idea for the market. And this way, I can keep her close for a very long time. A win-win for mom.

One thought on “Stocking Up On Moments”

  1. I love everything about this blog post! Good for your & wouldn’t that be lovely to put something fabulous to market together? My 14 year old son has an entrepreneurial spirit and we’re always chatting up new ideas…currently something to do with baseball glove laces 🙂 Good luck!

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