Fences (Daily Prompt)

Just a short lollipop yellow dress.
But its ribbons and threads
still remember you.

Destiny John William WaterhouseHands trembling over its seams.
The bright white and yellow flowers
against my tan bare shoulders.

Your fingers twirling the short ribbon
telling me to come near–
NO– nearer.

The dress danced over my knees
like my soul  just jumped out of a plane.

The yellow has not faded,
but the dress sleeps folded
on a dusty shelf.

When the barbed wire of your storms
start to climb high in my memory,

I pull out that yellow dress.
And remember how it thrust against
your fingers and words.

That one night
when our fences retreated.

Creative Commons License
This work by menaanne.wordpress.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.


9 thoughts on “Fences (Daily Prompt)”

  1. Your poem brought me back to 30-years ago. The girl I was in love with (but was afraid to talk to) would walk past my house each day. Finally, one day I got up the nerve to walk up to her and pull out a red ribbon she used to wear in her hair. She chased me, and I told her I wouldn’t give it back to her unless she agreed to a date with me. She did, and then we got married a year later.

    I still have that red ribbon. Even though she’s gone now, I sometimes take it out and twirl my finger through it like I did that first day.

    Good poem!

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