Daily Prompt: Pretending

Van Gogh-Girl in White in the Woods
Van Gogh-Girl in White in the Woods

Swim in it
until your soul feels wrinkled.

Swim so much in his mouth that
your body is wrecked.
Enjoy the pretender while he pretends.

He needs and needs. He wants and wants.
Animated cobalt eyes and smiles.
Apparitions have an allure.

Souls mated together.
Delusions of dream homes
Fantasies that you are the last
last. Sounds so good.

Your knight has arrived.

But the pretender cannot pretend for long.

The sudden shift sits in the shadows.
Dizziness becomes
a low hum.

Blue eyes turn ghastly..angry..
His gut-wrenches sobs.. self loathing.
Nothing satisfies the pretender.

So, the pretending ends.
And it always does.

Your mouth and body are shut
in him like a sepulcher.
Closed off like a tomb.
His body wants
a new space to crawl.

It is easy for him to
Forget the hope he spilled on
your bed, in your body..
The words he carved.

He looks for a  key.

He conjures a dust storm, easy exit.
A thick clouded, never-ending hail of pain
to hurl..to push you out.

He sells the bits and pieces of the life,
the puzzle, he was just fitting together.

Bit by bit they go on the shelf–
a shuffled story.

And the pretender is gone.
He called your bluff.

Your  heart feels almost electrocuted.
Not yet numb..the hurling aside

is a deep casting.
The disconnect has sharp edges.

But mirages of ideal
lovers always disappoint him.
They are all replaceable parts.

Now he hunts again. He pretends.
His eager illusion drapes over a drink.

And a new pretty scent fills the air.
The forgetting and remembering.

She feels the strength of his cologne
his white sweater, his hot mouth.

He feels alive again!
Another soul to mate.

Until he needs to crawl out of his skin.
Until she does not gratify.

Soon the shelf
is full of mangled pieces
of lovers who swam

in his crippled soul. Because it quenched their own.



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This work by menaanne.wordpress.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

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