Lighten Up: Carbonara Done Right!


It’s been one of those weeks, where my body and mind need an overhaul. What better way than with the right food. When all else disappoints, carbonara and mini me do not.

We lightened up the traditional dish with whole grain pasta and vegetable stock. We browned some pancetta ( you can use American bacon but only a few pieces are needed) with shallots and garlic. Drain to a towel and put it back in the pan.

In the meantime I undercooked a pound of whole grain pasta. Make sure it is al dente because the starch will thicken the flavors. Take the pasta from the water in half the cooking time and add it to the pancetta mixture. Put the heat on medium. Use tongs to evenly distribute. Add sea salt, pepper and basil. Quickly add in two eggs making sure to keep the pasta moving as you mix.

Once it looks even, add in a cup of peas, 1/4 cup of cream and a good cup of Romano cheese. It will be thick. Add vegetable stock til your desired texture.
So simple and just the therapy I needed.

Here is mini me keeping our pasta moving!!!

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