New Labels, Old Habits?


Seeing a well-fed, satisfied face across the kitchen table is probably at the top of my list of life’s greatest pleasures. I like to feed and to nurture. The short Italian in me likes to think food and meals can heal all.

Yes, it can repair rifts, build family routines and new families, can warm hearts and even deepen love. Over a meal is usually how Italian women are charmed! And I am most charmed when a tall, handsome man asks for a second helping of my culinary creation:)

When life disappoints, what I miss most is that feeling of being needed in the kitchen. Italian women like to feel they solely sustain their loved ones– through food ( and other things)! Id truly be happy just feeding someone and being loved in my apron. 😉

When that is gone.. What else do I have…I have mini and our food adventures to get me over the slump. We share laughs, ideas and life in the kitchen. She’s developed healthy, well rounded eating habits through years of my coaching!

The FDA is considering a huge change to its nutritional labels to help others make good choices. In the hopes of deterring over-consumption of high sodium and high fat foods the FDA wants to enlarge serving sizes and move percentages to a more readable spot.

While I commend these gestures… I realize as a lover of healthy eating.. that habits will not change with a bigger sign. Change is internal.


That would be like writing a neon sign to a former lover explaining their mismatched moves! It would be far more fun and more of a learning experience to keep the romance going and offer small changes at a time. In the end, all would win!!!

It is the same with food. When depression hits in, we are all guilty of pleasure eating and drinking. Some use sex with new partners or even strangers to get that endorphin/ego high. Dangerous, stupid and doesn’t help much. It is the same for those whose intake of sweets, fats, and salts triple during depression. These are small habits that we can change.

I worked on a project that offered healthy cooking classes to at risk families last year. I was so excited to show them how one or two small changes could impact their mental, physical and economic health!!

This week, my soul feels out of whack and jarred. My until I explode or run to another kind of emotional fix. Neither is a good plan.

Instead.. I am using my energy to snack on better options than fudge, like avocados ( which in the winter I don’t use much but should). I am changing up my routine. Trying some Latin cooking tonight…new proteins. I am hoping the fiery chilies will give me the rush, rather than Ben and Jerry’s!

I’ve got a friend who is willing to join me in some rustic Sicilian cooking and is willing to venture into new waters. I need new waters. I had a pomegranate smoothie this morning and tomorrow am making my own orange-ginger concoction. Fighting one habit at a time.

And though the table may be a bit more empty… And that familiar well-fed face is long gone..there will be others sometime. I will find solace in healthy options I’ve overlooked. So should you.

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