Midday Cravings: A Better Brunch


Anyone who knows me, knows I prefer a lazy brunch to a harried early morning feast. A hot cup of coffee, a good old fashioned newspaper, and a lazy late morning brunch…thats me! The Italian in me prefers a brunch or late afternoon meal to late feasts. I need the whole day to work off my indulgences.

This is a very simple but healthy weekend fix that me and mini me adore. Some Italians call it a bulls eye.. It has so many names.. I just call it heaven.

I use a whole grain bread with a cleverly crafted center cut out (usually with the bottom of a glass). You can dip the bread in egg and milk, but here we did not because I made the bread and really wanted the flavor to shine through. I use some butter ( real butter) and slowly brown the bread on both sides adding some salt, pepper and oregano. I then crack an egg in the center, lower the heat and cover the pan.

Once the egg starts to cook, I flip over the egg and bread and add roasted red peppers or artichokes. Easy, simple and full of protein, fiber and omega 3s.

A perfect brunch, almost. Perfection is some jazz music and a nice mimosa on the side! Then off to a farmers market for our next fix.. Now that is my ideal day. Enjoy!!

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4 thoughts on “Midday Cravings: A Better Brunch”

  1. This recipe reminds me of Moonstruck…Cher’s mother makes it for her, I had never eaten it would you believe it? It was the first time I ever saw it. Great idea for a snack.

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