Siracha In My Pasta?


This week I tried a habanero latte, which may have been even too spicy even for my palette. But with a new fire in my life, I feel brave enough to try it all. Today was no different, I stumbled upon an open market. It is my favorite way to break in a Saturday morning. Well, ALMOST my favorite way but that is another story. 🙂 Amidst the foodie trucks, the indie booths and students was the silent roar of canons were booming in the background; you can get an idea of the region I am at for the moment. For a foodie, this town can be lackluster at best. But I lucked out today.
Amidst the usual finds, I found a fresh pasta stand that offered more than your typical fare. I love making my own pasta, especially egg varieties like
tagliatelle. Me and mini have not made any in a while, and I want to make more time for what I love. While pasta is getting a bad rap for carb haters..healthy carbs in certain portions are a vital energy source. They prevent your body from stealing energy from muscles and needed proteins. No one in my opinion should be kicking HEALTHY carbs in healthy portions out of their diet entirely.

The trend is flavor infused pastas, and the right infusion can bring unexpected nutrients to the table. Much like the right infusion of passion can bring out the best in you! Citrus, herb, vegetable, whole grain varieties and yes, even gluten-free varieties are everywhere. America is finally catching up to the rest of the world. Finally.
Siracha infused pasta was something I have never considered so I took the plunge and picked some up. Its rich brick-red color is beautiful. And with the strong flavors, I will probably simply top it with some cherry tomatoes, basil and olive oil. Paired with a simple light fish, maybe even cod, it will be heaven! Other options included a lemon basic angel hair, cilantro, and a garlic and chive fettuccine. The opportunities were endless. So now that I have my sampling.. I am going to enjoy the spectrum of new flavors and colors in my life. Mangia ! 🙂

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