Fresh and Simple Summers


Me and mini me have been enjoying every sprouting food market within a 60 mile radius this season and I love it. To me, nothing heals the mind better than love and food. Seeing the pride of growers, cultivators, creators and area cooks inspires me.  My life recently has been full of a lot of new colors, flavors and aromas. All of this has reawakened stalled dreams and brought new life even into my kitchen. What better way to celebrate this heightened sense of awareness and passion than with a simple, bright meal.

From the market to our table, me and mini me have used summer’s bounty to our advantage time and again this year. Here mini me helped butterfly a small organic chicken, which we laced with very thin slices of Meyer lemon under the skin. This is my absolute go to for flavor and antioxidants. We used coconut oil to brown red and purple potatoes from a local grower.

Under our chicken we used some fresh rosemary, 3 cloves of garlic and a large red onion.  Butterflying the chicken made it cook on 400, in about 30 minutes.  We used a touch of sea salt after it was all done.

For dessert we made some Greek yogurt pops with a simple no sugar added strawberry jam. Simply layer the yogurt and jam in a freezer pop and a few hours later..heaven. We usually use a dash of honey as well. Because all things are better with honey. 🙂

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