Winter Tagliatelle


Us Italians know how to warm things up for the holidays. In looking at my traditional gluttonous Christmas Day gorge of meat laden pasta, me and mini lighten things up. ( Christmas Eve is meat free. Christmas Day, not so much).

Here is our winter tagliatelle, perfection in its imperfection, due to a pasta roller mishap!

Tagliatelle is a traditional egg pasta, and is thin and airy. Its starches hold a lighter sauce very well. With dried tomato and basil in its ribbons, the sauce does not need to be overdone.

I cannot give away all of our secrets, in case we jar this piece of heaven some day! Suffice to say fresh ground nutmeg, with fresh crushed tomatoes, garlic, beef stock and lean ground pork takes this tradition up a notch.

Experiment this winter. Use currants, nutmeg, and fresh thyme in your usual holiday’ll bring more than hungry mouths to your table.


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2 thoughts on “Winter Tagliatelle”

  1. I love the detail about your dishes that relate to the heart, happiness and wellbeing. Food is about being happy and having fun getting to the finished product, and you marry all three perfectly 🙂

  2. Love seeing that you are posting about your delectable dishes again! I missed seeing this, and I imagine so did everyone else!

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