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With or Without You: Guilt-Free Baking


Simple ingredients often fuse together and create a rare foodie surprise. The basics bring out unmatched flavor and passion. What better place to sharpen your minimalist skills than in the kitchen!

Going flour-less ( when possible) is one way to do it– my flour-less banana chocolate chip muffins sans the carbs is heaven for the hips and heart. Nothing beats when gluttony meets healthy. These petite muffins are full of fiber, potassium, healthier glucose, and powerful antioxidants. So, have another.. and another ! Then, go outside and jump in a pile of leaves:)

This oat-hearty treat can fix a sweet tooth, but also pair as a brunch favorite. Anyone who knows me, knows I love BRUNCH. I am always looking for ways that me and mini me can satisfy late morning cravings. We found it. After much tweaking, we perfected this little morsel, and it is now a fall staple!

Using steel oats might seem grainy, but the texture is unmatched. If you want something less filling, you can blend simple oats until they are smooth.

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She is Such a Tart

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. Me and mini-me have apples coming out of our ears, and she is just as contented as myself to create healthful treats. A fruit tart is one gluttonous way to elevate the day. Me and mini me made our apple-raspberry tart with honey, almonds, Jonagold apples and fresh raspberries. I wanted an antioxidant rich power snack that could also serve my emotional needs, I got it!

photo 4

We made a basic tart crust, but with whole wheat pastry flour and corn oil, to keep our bodies in stasis. We sliced 5 medium-sized apples, and about two handfuls of fresh raspberries. I added a mixture of 1/4 cup of succinat ( a Vegan sugar substitute but you can use granulated sugar as well) and fall spices. Next, a tablespoon of cinnamon, a good teaspoon of fresh nutmeg, and a teaspoon of cornstarch.

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Daily Prompt: My Vice



The daily prompt asked for vices.. I have so many to choose from..but my addiction to Cheesecake encompasses all of them. Gluttonous, decadent, sensual, erotic cheesecake. And I do not mean your mother’s cheesecake. New York style..over the top thick, rich in that makes you feel like a sinner. When a food can make you feel like you need confession, then indeed it is well worth it. Yes, it is all of my vices in one.


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Dream within a Dream: Pie!


Yes, some of you may think it is quite questionable that I place me and mini me’s chocolate hazelnut dream pie in the healthy cooking category, but it is no error! This slice of heaven is high in antioxidants, essential oils and low in calories and fat! Made from scratch, this gluttonous treat is made in a half hour! Easy on the waist and impossible to resist. Recipe to follow:)

You Better Shop Around


Purveying hybrid and dozens of apple varietals was a daunting but fun task. We got home and paired cameo and jonagold apples with a lavender goat cheese and a strawberry basil jam for a final taste test…. And found the perfect apple for our apple raspberry tart. Cancer and heart health fighting agents in our jonagold apples has a unique love affair with the antioxidant rich raspberry. The balance of sweet and tart, is very much like the balance of male and female ego. Together, it is a beautiful, overflowing, dynamic enlightenment. We will post more photos and most of our recipe tonight!