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Feeling Devilish!


Life has gotten particularly hotter these days and truly more quiet. With my recent life overhaul, my foodie ventures are verging on dangerous. And undeniably, this unchartered territory is more than welcome! Using tamed jalapenos in lighter deviled eggs brought a little zing to an overdue and well-deserved celebration. Using greek yogurt, rice vinegar, tamed jalapenos, and smoky paprika really played tricks on everyone’s  tongue. I hope my addition to the party showed everyone the fiery side of me. After all, when food is your passion, all you really want is your flavors to be appreciated and remembered.


Carrot Souffle Heals All

Is  the saying that Spring is itself eternal or is it hope? When neither seems definite, me and my girl wait out the changing seasons in the kitchen. I like when new beginnings are on the cusp, so to me, the Spring tease and cold days are very welcome. The  cool evenings of March and sporadic tulips are a welcome contrast to the monotony of a full-blown season.  Everything is more exciting when it is ABOUT to happen.

Mini me learning the ropes!
I LOVE this dish.

Food cravings in these in-between moments are even more adventurous. Depending on where you live, the greens, golds, reds, and yellows of spring are slowly emerging. When it comes to culinary fare, Spring tends to lighten itself up. But, I find myself still clinging to darker fall flavors. I am fickle, choosing is painful for me.

Spring peeks out!

Me and mini me have had some unique menus this month. Pear risottos, deep carrot souffles, rice salads and artichokes are abound in every way possible. March invites kale greens, but steeped in fall’s comfort foods. Pictured is mini me making our lightened carrot soufflé. We used about 2 lbs of organic carrots; cut them, steamed them, and pureed them with half a stick of melted butter. Then we mixed in 2 tablespoons of maple syrup, fresh cinnamon, a touch of nutmeg, 2 cage free eggs, half and half,  2 tb of coconut flour, 1 tp of baking powder, vanilla and 1 tp of kosher salt. We Mixed everything together very well, and baked it at 350 for 40 minutes in a well buttered casserole dish. The result is reminiscent of pumpkin pie, without the calories. You can add additional sugar, but I think the maple syrup is plenty. A good tablespoon of raw honey would be a nice touch. We paired our soufflé with a simple chicken piccata and kale salad.

In another month, menus will delve deep into light Spring fare, but for now,  relish in enjoying two simultaneous seasons at once!

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Lighter Pho Fare with Mini Me

wpid-2015-01-28_18.46.00.jpgMidweek, me and mini me try something out of our comfort zone to break up the monotony of our staple recipes. Routine bores me.  The chill factor climbed for us this month and heavy comfort foods are not comforting for my thighs! Sacrificing flavor for tight jeans is not my style either, so I found  a way to take my Italian cravings to the far east.

With some organic pork and ginger, our love for meatballs met my love for Vietnamese Pho.  While this traditional noodle soup is filled with mixed meats and seafood, portions can be heavy and the flavors can sometimes overwhelm each other.

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Isn’t She Lovely? Lighter Lasagna


Often lasagna is like  a beautiful Italian woman in a tight red dress. She may look like a siren, but she may be good for you too.  Italians are known for overdoing it. We are impulsive, impetuous, extreme, but passionate. In the kitchen our personality is in full force all the time. Nothing is off-limits.

The new year is about shedding many things. In an attempt to embrace a new life.. ..I also let go of the calories and fat in my traditional Christmas Eve lasagna. Basically anything that does not add to your lasagna, needs to be left out. Sounds simple but it does wonders.

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Aren’t You a Sweet Thing


Who hasn’t had a tough morning after? Nothing cleans the soul after a bad choice like a good brunch. It is my favorite meal of any day. Lazy enough to sleep in, early enough to leave the day wide open. With some simple ingredients you can wow that bad choice on its way out, or keep  it coming back for another round.

My smokey sweet potato hash is also a colorful way to keep your body on the right track.
This antioxidant and vitamin rich dish is easy on the eyes and waste. It is the subtle smokey cumin that adds to the antioxidant rich cancer fighting power:)

The mixture of beta carotene in sweet potatoes (go for organic, the skin is truly your body’s best friend) with Vitamins A, K, E, C, B in the spinach keeps your body in stasis, fighting disease like batman.

Even better, it is simpler than last night’s regret. Brown 2 medium thickly sliced sweet potatoes in olive oil and a small tab of butter. Make sure to let each side brown. Lower the heat and add two cloves of garlic, sea salt and two tablespoons of cumin. Throw in some bright red onion and some fresh spinach. Tear up four basil leaves and throw them in. Brown the mixture, gently turning once. Add some tomatoes, I prefer Roma. Then top it off with three organic eggs. On covered low heat, let the egg cook on top of the potatoes sunny side up. Yum!!

photo 1

She is Such a Tart

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. Me and mini-me have apples coming out of our ears, and she is just as contented as myself to create healthful treats. A fruit tart is one gluttonous way to elevate the day. Me and mini me made our apple-raspberry tart with honey, almonds, Jonagold apples and fresh raspberries. I wanted an antioxidant rich power snack that could also serve my emotional needs, I got it!

photo 4

We made a basic tart crust, but with whole wheat pastry flour and corn oil, to keep our bodies in stasis. We sliced 5 medium-sized apples, and about two handfuls of fresh raspberries. I added a mixture of 1/4 cup of succinat ( a Vegan sugar substitute but you can use granulated sugar as well) and fall spices. Next, a tablespoon of cinnamon, a good teaspoon of fresh nutmeg, and a teaspoon of cornstarch.

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How Sweet It Is!


Yes.. We did have a healthful meal or two this weekend, but I also gave into temptation. I tested new waters and found my new soul mate. And he never disappoints! This hazelnut cream dark chocolate piece of heaven was dipped in an orange glaze and..decorated with whimsy. Its crown toppled a few times but was worth it! Yum!

Dream within a Dream: Pie!


Yes, some of you may think it is quite questionable that I place me and mini me’s chocolate hazelnut dream pie in the healthy cooking category, but it is no error! This slice of heaven is high in antioxidants, essential oils and low in calories and fat! Made from scratch, this gluttonous treat is made in a half hour! Easy on the waist and impossible to resist. Recipe to follow:)